Automotive Technician Shortage - How To Handle This Current Situation

The automotive repair industry is facing a severe shortage of qualified technicians. As vehicles become more complex and the demand for maintenance and repairs increases, dealerships and independent shops are struggling to find enough experienced technicians.

Dealerships and independent auto repair shops need to get creative in how they recruit, attract, retain, and promote automotive technicians. Strategies to use include data and analytics, investing in continued training, pay increases, retention bonuses, tool allowance, footwear allowance, and team building events.

Implementing even a few of these initiatives can help set your shop apart. Offering competitive compensation and benefits shows technicians they are valued. Ongoing training and growth opportunities demonstrate an investment in their careers. And regular team building promotes morale and collaboration.

With thoughtful effort and some creativity, shops can deal with the technician shortage better prepared. Taking a data driven approach to your workforce planning is key. Combine that with attractive incentives and training, and your shop will be well on its way to building a skilled, engaged team of automotive technicians. The investment in your technicians will pay off with better recruitment, retention and performance.


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