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Hold On to Your All Star Service Team to Keep Customers Coming Back!

As anyone in the auto industry knows, having an excellent service department is key to driving customer retention and revenue for any dealership. But building the right service team is only half the battle the other crucial component is keeping those talented employees long term. High turnover rates among service technicians, service advisors, and service managers can be an absolute killer for customer loyalty. Think about it from the customer's perspective: you've been taking your vehicle to the same dealership for years, working with the same friendly faces who know you and your car's history. But then your go to service advisor or technician leaves, and you have to start from square one with someone new.  Beyond just the personal relationships, constantly having to train new staff means a steady churn of  new employees working on customer vehicles. Tenured technicians have seen it all and can correctly diagnose and fix even the most obscure issues quickly. A revolving do