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Investing in Technicians Fuels Dealership Growth

As service managers, our mission is to cultivate an engaged, skilled team of automotive technicians who stay with us for the long haul. These techs drive productivity in the service department and help foster an exceptional repair experience for customers. But with the growing demand for auto techs nationwide, retaining these individuals takes a comprehensive strategy.  It starts with recruitment - making sure we attract promising entry level techs who we can then teach, mentor, and elevate within the company over time through an internal pipeline. Apprentice programs do just that, offering training and growth opportunities for new techs to progress their skills on the job. By demonstrating internal mobility and helping techs near their ASE certifications, we show technicians they can thrive here long term. This allows us to construct a service department interwoven with tenured technicians alongside newly onboarded talent, supporting continuity and knowledge transfer while driving pro