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Do you work for a Reactive Company? If you do it may be time for a change!

I received a phone call from an employee who works for a company that does not have solid processes in place which creates the staff to be reactive in their decision making and the management team is worried about protecting their own ass and less worried about the long term effects this type of behavior will have on their employees and business.  As our conversation continued he expressed his concern about staying with the company because he felt his voice was not being heard and he felt in his capacity he could not effect change and felt as though his days are filled with feelings of working in a tornado and burning fire which changes by the hour.  Here is the conversation that took place: I've been working at my current company for about a year now, and I've noticed that the company is very reactive in its decision making. This means that they often make decisions based on what is happening in the moment, rather than planning ahead. This reactive approach to decision making